Fixing sagging sofa cushions

A sofa serves an important purpose in any living room, but over time, it may start to lose some of its properties. Cushions are almost guaranteed to become saggy over the course of a couple of years, but the good news is this is not the end. Here are a couple of tips on how to bring your saggy cushions back to life.

The simplest solution for this problem is to re-stuff your cushions :)

First, you have to unzip or unbutton the cushion. Some cushions cannot be unzipped - in those cases, use a thread cutter to temporarily open the cushions and reveal the stuffing inside. One you're in, simply add more stuffing to what is already there. You can use quilt batting or polyester fiberfill, both readily available at shops that offer home goods. Make sure the stuffing is spread evenly within the cushion. Wrapping it around the old stuffing is a smart solution. After you've filled your pillowcase with just enough stuffing, zip it back up or sew it together.

If you're feeling creative, instead of filling cushions with more stuffing you may want to cinch your cushions with buttons. To do this, start by unzipping your cushion and taking out all the stuffing. Take a needle, thread, and four buttons, and sow them into the cushions. Put two on the front and two on the back using the same piece of thread for all four buttons. Depending on the size of your pillow, you may opt to use more or fewer buttons. It's also a good idea to retrace the thread several times over, as that will strengthen the cinch and make it last longer. After you're done, simply put the stuffing back into the cushion and zip it back up.

sofa cushions

The last thing you may want to take a look at is the structure of your couch. it is possible that your cushions are sagging due to structural issues. Shops often offer solutions to help you with that - sofa savers, for example, are supports that you put underneath your cushions, which gives them more support and firmness. You can also insert a piece of plywood, cut precisely to fit the dimensions of your couch, to give you more support underneath the cushions. Our Friends from Sena Home Furniture offer free advice on replacing & renovating your Sofas. Call them any time with the code: glynellis.

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